Young Investigators Network

Welcome to the official website of the Young Investigators Network: Inflammatory Diseases of the Ocular Surface.

The network involves young scientists from European countries that are all dedicated to investigate inflammation at the ocular surface. As science, in particular its technology and knowledge, has become extremely complex in the 21st century, the future of succesfull research lies in cooperation and exchange. Following the European spirit, the network aims at involving scientists at the very beginning of their careers until their establishment as full-researchers with own research-groups. This enables knowledge and technology exchange, cooperative projects and finally the option to test complex hypotheses with larger experiments than a single researcher or research group would be capable of alone.

Annual meetings bring together members with internationally renowned mentors to discuss „science“ and to give advice regarding decisions and career steps.

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The network constantly seeks for new members and supporters.

If you are interested in joining the Young Investigators Network or if you are a looking for a research cooperation, you are very welcome to contact the steering committee of the network or individual young scientist directly.